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Leading Supporting Accommodation training

The demands in running a regulated service and the complexity of young people we are supporting is increasing. It’s crucial that nominated individuals, registered service managers, and other people taking a significant leadership role get the support and the training they need to deliver high quality services that really make a difference to young people.

This course, designed with the involvement of NIs and RSMs, focuses on the specific challenges of the Supported Accommodation sector. It draws on key principles, regulations and guidance, describes approaches to inspection, the development of a strong analytic evidence base about your service and how we create a strong, safe culture in which our young people can thrive. The course has a strong focus on leadership, how teams evolve and the use of supervision in developing effective practitioners with sound relationships with young people.

Leading Supported Accommodation training

This series of six 2-hour sessions (the equivalent of a 2-day course) explores the role and builds the skills of Nominated Individuals and Registered Service Managers.

The sessions cover the role, approaches to quality assurance, leadership, culture, regulation and building young people’s participation.

This programme is designed for both experienced individuals and those less experienced in these roles.

Session 1
Purpose of SA
Roles within SA
Support v care
Key regulations and Guidance (Regulations, Guide, SCIFF etc)

Sessions 2 and 3
Planning for inspection.
8 key principles of SA
How the SCIFF and legislation/regulation link
Key lines of enquiry
Developing and understanding evidence and triangulation
The inspection process

Session 4
Developing, leading and embedding a safeguarding culture
Understanding what happens when things go wrong

Sessions 5 and 6
The difference between leadership and management
What makes a good leader
Forming and leading teams
Staff wellbeing
Using supervision effectively
Review of sessions

Liz Cooper’s lengthy career has been spent in health and social care. She initially started in nursing, registering as a children’s, adult, and psychiatric nurse, spending several years as a manager.  Liz is also a qualified teacher and has a Masters degree in Business Management. Liz was an inspector for 8 years and a Director and RI of a group of good and outstanding children’s homes for 12 years. Prior to coming to Dialogue, Liz has previously worked as DCEO and Chair of the CHA.

The course is run online using Zoom. You will receive a link and password to a launch page where you will find a set of instructions and course materials.

The price for the course is £264+VAT.

CHANASAP, NAFP, SW Forum, RI Network and SA Network members receive a 25% discount on both elements – members price is £199+VAT

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