Residential Leadership Group

Dialogue has run a forum for managers and responsible individuals for around five years to excellent feedback with valuable updates, leadership CPD and the opportunity to talk to other managers and RIs about the task, sharing good practice and providing mutual support.

We’ve moved online

As we moved back to our face-to-face conferences, there was a request from managers who’d been attending the forum to find a way for the online sessions to continue. We’ve agreed with RIs and Managers to create a low-cost forum approach as part of our communities of interest approach – creating semi-structured online spaces for residential leaders to come together.

Open to managers and deputies, responsible individuals and commissioners we’re ensuring people have an easy way of getting themselves up to date with relevant research, the on-going diverse impacts of the pandemic and changes in the way homes are inspected and monitored. Every month there will be a focused presentation on an aspect of residential care with an aim of improving the lives of children and young people. We’ll then finish with smaller peer groups to share challenges and solutions, moral support and ensure everyone has the opportunity to talk, with a short plenary to share the most useful ideas from each of the groups.

The Importance of Supervision:

16th January 2024 1pm - 4pm

Programme includes

13:00 – Welcome/Introductions – Chris Freestone

13:15 – Residential Sector Update – Chris Freestone

(Covid-19, inspection, research and other themes)

14:00 – The Importance of Supervision – Kat Aukett

Kat will be discussing the importance of reflective, supportive and focused supervision within the workforce plays in the delivery of the highest quality of service for children and families. Recognising the emotional impact that work with children and families can have on individuals health and wellbeing and therefore to the retention of staff/sickness levels.

15:00 – Children’s National Social Care Framework

15:30 – Large group and plenary 

16:00 – Close

Exploring the impact of regulation and registration on the residential childcare workforce

7th February 2024 1pm -4pm

Programme includes


13:00 – Welcome / introductions – John Woodhouse and Chris Freestone

13:15 – Residential Sector Update – Chris Freestone

(Covid-19, inspection, research and other themes)

14:00 – Impact of regulation and registration on the residential childcare workforce – Carl Purcell (Kings College London)

Carl will be discussing their research on the current arrangements in England and Wales, the objectives of regulation and registration,  practice and its impact on the workforce and young people.

15:00 – Peer Group Discussions

15:30 – Large Group Feedback

16:00 – Close

The Complexities of Working with Asylum Seeker Children – Sam Salmon

4th March 1-4pm

Programme includes


13:00 – Welcome / introductions – Liz Cooper

13:15 – Residential Sector Update – Liz Cooper

(Covid-19, inspection, research and other themes)

13:30 – The Complexities of Working with Asylum Seeker Children – Sam Salmon

Sam is a manager in NE Lincs and has worked with ASC for many years, gaining outstanding knowledge on their needs, complexities and the bureaucracy surrounding their care.

14:30 – Break

15:00 – Culture

15:30 – Group Discussion

16:00 – Close

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You’ll find the programme and support from other managers invaluable, but if you’re not sure add the code TRYFORFREE to the invoicing details and we will defer your first invoice a month. Simply let us know you’d not like to continue and we’ll cancel the invoice altogether.

Annual membership is then just £99 a year to attend all the sessions, with discounts for existing dialogue memberships and if your home joins one of our other communities of interest.

If you’d like to join, click the button below and select the Residential Leadership Group from the communities of interest. 

Other communities of interest groups….

We also run other forums for specialist support in the residential community for participation leads, online safety leads, children with disabilities, exploitation leads and safer recruitment leads.


The groups are run on an annual membership fee of £99+vat for each community of interest. We are keen to make the model accessible and supportive to residential homes, so additional memberships will access a £20 discount, meaning subsequent members from your home to the same group or to a different group will cost £79+vat each.

membership for homes

As we’ve grown these communities, we are now able to offer homes one representative at each of the six communities of interest memberships for just £399+vat for annual membership.

If you are a multi home organisation and would like to sign up several homes for this offer – please contact us to discuss the possibilities of further discounts directly on 01803 493030.

Residential Leadership Group booking:

The event is open to everyone in a residential leadership position and is a great opportunity to share ideas, seek support and improve practice. 

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