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About Zoom

If you’re not familiar with Zoom you may find the following videos helpful before the session. It is reasonably intuitive, so you should not worry. We will also move you into small groups and ask you to vote on questions – these instructions will appear clearly on your screen.

Being involved – our conferences are pretty relaxed, interactive and work best when there are lots of questions. Please feel free to chip in during a gap, use the ‘raise your hand’ button or put a question in chat at any time. Chat is one of the assets of using Zoom as it makes sure you can get your question in. Our trainers try to avoid reading the chat when they’re speaking, but do look at very regular intervals and should come back to your question. If they’ve missed it please chip in or ‘raise your hand’.

Video and sound – We like to see you! It’s good for the trainer to be able to gauge the reaction of the group and that everyone is engaged with the training. Do check your background prior to going live to make sure there’s nothing that might embarrass you. There is a function in Zoom to hide your background if you wish. Ultimately, if you really cannot face having the video on this is ok. Please mute your sound unless you want to speak so that background noise does not affect everyone else – the trainer may mute everyone if there is interference. Don’t forget to turn it on before speaking!

Problems accessing the session If you have difficulty accessing the Zoom platform on the day, please contact or contact us on 01803 493030. We will do our best to help you join, although we do not offer technical support.

Some organisations have systems that block access to Zoom. If you are having difficulties and are able to you may wish to access the course from a personal computer or tablet.

For children placed in provision that are young parents, the registration requirement depends on the legal status of the mother’s placement. If this particular pregnant child is accommodated within the scope of the supported accommodation regulations, and are placed under section 22C(6)(d) or 23B(8)(b) of the Children Act 1989, then they should be placed under supported accommodation registration. If you are going to provide both care and accommodation to this child, and they are under 18, then under the Care Standards Act 2000 they should be placed in a Children’s home. If you are planning to carry out a parenting assessment on the child, then they should be placed in a family residential centre  . Ofsted will be unable to comment on the appropriate action to take regarding the registration of the baby.

If the child is placed within supported accommodation in category 1 accommodation (Supported accommodation in a self-contained unit, where the accommodation is for the sole use of the child or for the child and other individuals living with the child as agreed by the accommodating authority or the supported accommodation undertaking.), the provider will be required to vary the conditions of their registration and add category 1 to the type of accommodation they are able to operate. We have more information about this process within our registration guidance.  Please signpost the provider to the section “Applying to offer a new category of supported accommodation”. If they have any questions they are welcome to contact us at, and can contact our applications team at

It’s important to note that placement decisions are a matter for each local authority, and they should make those decisions in full knowledge of the legal requirements. If the provider and local authority are unsure of the appropriate accommodation for the child, they should seek some legal advice based on the detail of the specific circumstances

October 2023 update:

News from the group that there could be possible delays with review of applications at stage 1.  Ofsted have confirmed that ALL applications at stage 1 are being reviewed within 5 days maximum, and in most cases they have a 2-day turn around.

Given the feedback from Ofsted that 80% of registration requests are currently being sent back to providers as incomplete, these meetings are more important than ever for you to access support on the Ofsted registration process!

We have accessed support from Rachel Holden, HMI Ofsted, who attended our September meeting.  Rachel has kindly offered her support to discuss the inspection consultation and has offered that members send any questions or feedback to where they will endeavour to respond quickly.  It would also be helpful for members to copy in to any questions/queries sent so that we can address these as a wider group and offer feedback to all in upcoming meetings.

Agenda 6th February:

  • New year regroup/progressions with registrations
  • Sector update
  • Plans for 2024
  • AOB

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Dates of next meetings

  • 6th February 10am – 12pm
  • 12th March 2024 10am – 11am

We will be holding monthly meetings throughout 2024. Each will contain a sector update and a bite size training session (schedule to be confirmed in February meeting).

Notes and resources from previous meetings

Please find our archived content below

Agenda for 7th December 2023:

  • Registration status update
  • National Association of Supported accommodation
  • Safeguarding notification
  • AOB

Agenda for 7th November 2023