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There is growing emphasis on homes ensuring a high standard of quality without the drive of a regulatory inspector. Registered Managers are required to ensure they have an independent person who can undertake a rigorous and impartial assessment of the home, but there is little to set out what this looks like in practice.

Regulation 44 independent people have had limited access to training. This course, set up at the request of the South West Regulation 44 Forum, aims to fill that gap.

The Regulation 44 Visitor acts as an independent and external viewer of the care, practice and compliance of a Children’s Home with the quality standards and Children’s Homes Regulations 2015. The role also monitors the environment for children and young people and the ways in which any young person is kept safe at the same time allowing  and encouraging them  to enjoy their lives and to achieve all that they can whilst they are cared for and supported by the individual service or organisation.

The training will allow attendees to :

  • Explore and understand the role of the Regulation 44 Visitor in the context of the regulations, the regulator and children’s homes
  • Undertake an independent inspection of a service ensuring that the regulatory requirements of the role are met
  • Practically apply their skills of interview, observation and evidence collection to support the judgement made in each report
  • Offer advice to homes in relation to the potential development of the service to improve outcomes for children and young people and structure this in an effective way
  • Act upon the unique opportunities this process offers to assess whether the home is meeting the needs of the young people who live there
  • Explore the dynamic of professional curiosity within the role.

Participants will be given the password for the following presentations on booking.

Part 1

Part 2

You will be taken to powerpoint online then prompted to download a copy. Once downloaded you can open the document with the password.

Any problems, please contact us.

the facilitator

Chris Freestone is one of our independent people. Chris has been a nurse and nurse lecturer, lecturer at Exeter College and head teacher at the Dame Hannah Rogers Trust, the director of an independent fostering agency and a lead inspector for CSCI and Ofsted. She brings a compassionate but calmly analytic presence and has the ability to get alongside both vulnerable people and senior managers to explore their experience, compare these to the requirements of the regulatory and inspection framework and to help managers reach decisions that further improve their service. Chris has a wealth of experience and has a facilitative rather than directive style which ensures participants leave the day feeling clearer, more skilled and more confident in their approach.

John Woodhouse has a background in managing children’s homes, senior social work management and children’s rights and advocacy at a national level. He is now managing director of dialogue and safeguarding network (a service providing support and in-house training packs to school Designated Safeguarding Leads). John has an energy and enthusiasm for enjoying children and young people’s perspective on things, working to align the system to the needs of children and learning from open, reflective conversations with practitioners and managers about their settings.


This 1 day course is £99+VAT (discounts for 5 places or more), and includes refreshments and a nice lunch. The course runs from 9:30 to 4:30pm at Escot House.

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At this time there are no courses scheduled. If you are looking for an individual place please fill in the form on the right. If you want to book the course for your organisation or setting please contact us.

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