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Becoming a registered manager is challenging. Everyone struggles to juggle the leadership, managerial, staff support, emotional holding, care planning and huge range of practical tasks required of them. During this time, it’s crucial the home remains focused on young person’s needs, but the sheer organisation and personal qualities required are a significant endeavour with an enormous step-on from other roles within the home, all with the personal pressures of leadership and concerns about the impending regulatory inspection.

This course provides the care, support and challenge to enable people to step-up within their setting, building on the support around them as they acquire the necessary skills to develop on their leadership journey, easing the transition and gaining the confidence to succeed.

dialogue has worked with responsible individuals who have asked us to design a course to support the transition and cover in sector-focused depth the tools and skills people need for this crucial role. The programme is woven into the practical tasks of management with written reflective pieces to challenge and develop alongside taught and individual tutorial time to help aspiring managers progress.

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the course

This sixteen month programme is divided into four modules and designed so participants can join or leave at any point.  It is not intended to replicate the Level 5 qualification, but to focus on supporting the learner in understanding the day-to-day issues which can arise and the RM role in the operation of the home as well as its’ development.  The programme follows 4 modules with a roll on/roll off approach. Each module consists of 4 days of underpinning knowledge, peer review, reflection and support and can be completed as a single unit or part of the course. Organisations are asked to commit to module-by-module and to give two months’ notice if their participant will be dropping off the next module.

The course has been designed with Responsible Individuals so module is themed around issues identified by organisations and derived from the Leadership and Management Quality Standard alongside associated standards and regulations. A core theme is the voice of children and young people.

This programme is intended to support organisations and individuals to develop leadership and management skills towards becoming a Registered Manager. It is being developed in response to a wish to ‘grow your own’ from the SW Responsible Individual Network.

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the trainers

Liz Cooper’s lengthy career has been spent in health and social care. She initially started in nursing, registering as a children’s, adult, and psychiatric nurse, spending several years as a Unit Manager.  Liz is also a qualified teacher and has a Masters degree in Business Management. Liz was an inspector for 8 years and a Director and RI of a group of good and outstanding children’s homes for 12 years. Prior to coming to Dialogue, Liz has previously worked as DCEO and Chair of the CHA.

Christine Freestone has been a nurse and nurse lecturer, head teacher, director of an independent fostering agency and an Ofsted inspector for schools and colleges and lead inspector for CSCI. Christine enables managers to explore their experience, compare these to the requirements of the regulatory and inspection framework and help reach decisions that further improve their service. She is the course tutor for our Well Led programme for Registered Managers and Responsible Individuals.

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This programme is now delivered to whole staff teams for organisations, on a commissioned basis.

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