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Safeguarding Lead training (Level5)

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It’s crucial your leaders and managers have a thorough understanding of safeguarding. This course is suitable for RMs, RSMs, RIs, NIs, deputies, assistant managers, regional leadsand other key safeguarding and leadership staff.

Whilst safeguarding training is a key requirement for all, this learning often does not provide the further skills around analysis and communication to feel confident in such important judgement calls when staff and young people depend on us. Our course is in depth, aligned to the guidance, and built on the experience of hundreds of leaders who have previously completed the course. 

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This group 5 training course explores in depth process, culture, risk assessment, the organisation and a root cause analysis approach to reflection tied closely to the regulations and inspection framework but absolutely focused on the experience of children and young people in care and supported accommodation settings. The course links day to day practice with the strategic view required in safe organisations 

Great as an initial course or a 2-year refresher as we adapt to the group and build on strengths.

Sits well alongside supervision training, managing allegations and dynamic risk assessment. Read more …

safeguarding for leaders

The pressures on senior residential workers, supported accommodation providers and registered managers to make the right decision for children and young people is significant. Safeguarding training is crucial and a requirement for all staff, but stops at identifying concerns and notification. Staff who have identified concerns bring them to their leaders, managers and deputies who then require a higher level of training – this course builds the skills and confidence in this decision-making.

This course supports leaders to

  • Enhance safeguarding analysis skills.
  • Write effective referrals.
  • Communicate with local authorities.
  • Use escalation processes.
  • Contain staff and organisational anxiety.
  • Focus on regulatory requirements, while keeping the focus very firmly on the young person.

Our course empowers leaders and managers to review their safeguarding culture and strategy, consider the underpinning models of risk assessment, reflect on professional bias and develop curiosity, develop skills in root cause analysis and incident review and develop a plan to improve their home. The course briefly attends to aspects of mental capacity (for 16+) and adult safeguarding (for 18+) that are relevant for children and young people’s practitioners.

Session 1

Introduction, scene setting, review of safeguarding culture and strategy and the challenges in holding all aspects of the role.

Session 2

Managing risk and assumptive risk models, recognising and managing bias and using professional curiosity.

Session 3

Strategic management and reflection – Root cause analysis, incident analysis, review

Session 4

Developing a safeguarding strategy going forward, adult safeguarding

Learning in practice

Participants will be asked to complete a task between sessions – please allow up to an hour to complete this work. Over the course this will build into a strategic review of safeguarding in your service(s) with a resultant action plan. Hold this and the resources from this programme in your DSL folder as evidence of training and review/ reflection.

The programme will support you with a wide range of resources and the opportunity to meet others, share practice. We will also define and review the tensions and challenges in the strategic role.

Liz Cooper’s lengthy career has been spent in health and social care. She initially started in nursing, registering as a children’s, adult, and psychiatric nurse, spending several years as a Unit Manager.  Liz is also a qualified teacher and has a Masters degree in Business Management. Liz was an inspector for 8 years and a Director and RI of a group of good and outstanding children’s homes for 12 years. Prior to coming to Dialogue, Liz has previously worked as DCEO and Chair of the CHA.


This online 16 hour course (12 hour taught content) is £264+VAT.

If you have booked five places the sixth place is free.

CHANASAP, NAFPSW Forum, and RI Network members receive a 25% discount – members price is £199+VAT

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