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Responsible Individual training

dialogue has designed the following courses in conjunction with the Independent Children’s Homes Association (ICHA). Both courses are designed to meet the needs of aspiring, new and experienced Responsible Individuals. Responsible Individual training is a series of very practical, live online sessions addressing the day to day life of the RI. Developing the role of the RI is a face-to-face course run regionally allowing more in-depth discussions.

responsible individual training

This series of six 2-hour sessions (the equivalent of a 2-day course) explores the role and builds the skills of Responsible Individuals.

The sessions cover the role, approaches to quality assurance, leadership, culture, regulation and building young people’s participation. The course runs ‘stand-alone’, or delegates can opt to complete a portfolio with tutorial support (additional cost).

This programme is designed for both experienced individuals and those less experienced in this role.

Session 1-  Introduction, approach & key questions
Session 2- Assessing the quality of care
Session 3- Safeguarding
Session 4- Quality assurance & children’s involvement
Session 5- Workforce & partners
Session 6- Using research & development

Participants can opt to complete a portfolio with tutorial support. The assignments provide useful evidence for Ofsted on your continuing personal development, but more importantly offers an opportunity to reflect on the role with personal support and challenge.

Chris Freestone has worked with young people across health, education and social care. She began as a paediatric nurse becoming a nurse lecturer at Exeter College, then retrained in education culminating in a post as the head teacher at the Dame Hannah Rogers Trust – a school for young people with the most complex health needs. In between she has fitted in work as the director of an independent fostering agency and as a lead inspector for CSCI and with Ofsted. Chris has a strong footing in reflective, challenging practice and encourages participants to explore their experience, compare these to the requirements of the regulatory and inspection framework and take action that is right for young people.

The course is run online using Zoom. You will receive a link and password to a launch page where you will find a set of instructions and course materials.

Participants have the option of completing a reflective portfolio with tutorial support. This is useful evidence for Ofsted and provides a strong platform for individual development with personal support and challenge.

The price for the course is £264+VAT. The portfolio is a further £264+vat.

ICHA, SW Forum and RI Network members receive a 25% discount on both elements – members price is £199+VAT

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developing the role of the RI

This one day course is designed for both experienced individuals and those less experienced in this role. The role of the Responsible Individual has become more defined in terms of the expectations of regulators and commissioners, despite the lack of explicit regulation. This course breaks down the responsibilities and builds on work by the South West Responsible Individual Network to better define the role, linked clearly to the Leadership & Management Standard.

There will be an opportunity (with peers) to explore the role and to:

  • discuss and define the role within the current context of the sector
  • analyse the requirements of the role within the context of increased accountability
  • align the requirements of the role to the current regulatory and inspection frameworks.

There will be the opportunities for:

– case study review
– discussions
– peer review
– professional reflection

  • We will review the monitoring and quality assurance in the role in terms of the potential evidence base which can be tested
  • We will discuss the roles of the RI and RM-the tensions which can be inherent in the roles , how to work together effectively within clear definitions and boundaries.
  • You will have the opportunity to bring current issues for discussion
  • We will consider current updates and any changes in the sector