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sexually harmful behaviour

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Young people in care have a greater need for protection, but may also have had experiences which create the conditions for them to pose a risk to others. This course examines the real dilemmas in working with young people, how to begin to identify risk, and keeps a strong focus on the rights to a healthy childhood for all the young people involved. Read more …

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the course

The course aims to:

  • Explain the continuum of sexual behaviour by children and young people
  • Describe age-expected sexual development and recognises harmful sexual behaviours
  • Examine what healthy sexual development looks like
  • Discuss common facts and myths in such work
  • Cite current research, legislation, statistics and theories
  • Identify appropriate responses to sexually harmful behaviour
  • What works? Key issues for therapeutic care, managing risk and meeting need
  • Issues, dilemmas and advice about accessing appropriate services.
  • Links with Safeguarding and Good Practice

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