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Foundation Level – Safeguarding Children

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You will find all the resources you need here to complete the course. You must complete the pre-course portfolio prior to the start time of the course.

We hope you find it useful.

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You will need to complete the pre-course portfolio prior to the start time of the course. This includes exercises you will be using on the day. Please be aware the portfolio includes some descriptions of difficult childhood experiences, due to the nature of a child protection course.

Please click here to download the portfolio and instructions.

The course is run on the Zoom platform. There is one YouTube video (recommended by the Keeping Bristol Safe Partnership).

If you’re not familiar with Zoom you may find the following videos helpful before the course. You will be asked to use the chat function. It is reasonably intuitive, so you should not worry. We will also move you into small groups and ask you to vote on questions – these instructions will appear clearly on your screen.

Being involved – our courses are pretty relaxed, interactive and work best when there are lots of questions. Please feel free to chip in during a gap, use the ‘raise your hand’ button or put a question in chat at any time. Chat is one of the assets of using Zoom as it makes sure you can get your question in. Our trainers try to avoid reading the chat when they’re speaking, but do look at very regular intervals and should come back to your question. If they’ve missed it please chip in or ‘raise your hand’.

Video and sound – We like to see you! It’s good for the trainer to be able to gauge the reaction of the group and that everyone is engaged with the training. Do check your background prior to going live to make sure there’s nothing that might embarrass you. There is a function in Zoom to hide your background if you wish. Ultimately, if you really cannot face having the video on this is ok. Please mute your sound unless you want to speak so that background noise does not affect everyone else – the trainer may mute everyone if there is interference. Don’t forget to turn it on!

Doing other work/dealing with other issues/breaks – safeguarding is important training. If you miss key elements of the course you may miss an opportunity to intervene to keep a child safe so you should not be doing other work while the course is running. We recognise that people are working from home and this brings its own challenges. If you need to respond to something please do, but where possible try to limit this to the breaks. During breaks you should take an opportunity to be away from the computer screen where you can. Feel free to bring back coffee and cake!

If you need to leave the course please let the trainer know why using a private chat. The subject material can be difficult and it is important to look after yourself. We can point you to helpful sources of support during the breaks or after the course. There is a reference to support at Bristol City Council in your portfolio.

Problems accessing the course If you have difficulty accessing the Zoom platform on the day, please contact or contact us on 01803 493030. We will do our best to help you join, although we do not offer technical support.


The agenda may be adapted depending on the needs of participants.

Please check your invitation email for the start date and time of your session. The waiting room will be open 10 minutes prior to the start of the course. You will be asked to complete a registration form. This information will be compared to the register and shared with Bristol City Council.

To launch the Zoom meeting click on the green button in the previous column. Alternatively, you can enter the following meeting details directly into Zoom:

Meeting ID 868 7065 3960

Security Passcode  971785

If you have problems joining check the advice on using Zoom and troubleshooting options above.


  • Introduction
  • What is child protection? What is safeguarding?
  • Values & attitudes
  • Signs & symptoms of abuse

30 minute BREAK & Adam’s story video

  • Thresholds
  • Your role
  • Managing a disclosure
  • What we do here
  • Safe practice
  • Professional abuse

Your actions & any questions


Your feedback is important – if you could please take a few minutes to complete the online evaluation, we’d be grateful. Bristol have set up an evaluation form for the Children’s safeguarding course. The link to the form will be e-mailed to the participants following attendance at the course.

Thanks for your input.