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Feel free to explore the courses below that are most relevant to you or your managers. You’ll find a wider selection on our Courses page, or Contact Us to discuss your requirements for a course tailored to your organisation’s needs

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responsible individual training

This programme is designed for both experienced individuals and those less experienced in this role. This is a role which has become more defined in terms of the expectations of regulators and commissioners, despite the lack of explicit regulation. Find out more.

Safeguarding for Leaders

This course aims to provide residential managers and shift leaders with the skills to analyse information, write effective referrals and manage staff anxiety whilst keeping the focus on the young person.

Find out more.

safeguarding supervision

Providing a safe space to support and challenge your staff is a key function of leaders in homes and schools. This course covers how to use supervision to shape your staff team and lives of the young people they support.  Find out more.

regulation 44 training

Regulation 44 independent people have had limited access to training. This course, set up at the request of the South West Regulation 44 Forum, aims to fill that gap. Find out more.

level 6 leadership & management training

The South West Responsible Individual Network asked dialogue to develop a challenging programme of leadership development for experienced and aspiring Registered Managers to really explore how to manage their homes.